My Capsule Closet Journey

One of my favorite things to do is shop.  I’m not kidding, I could just walk around a mall all day without a dollar in my pocket.  I love to look, and sometimes buy.  Well, sometimes buying things has led to a bit of an overabundance of clothing for me.  Before this year started, I had enough clothing to fill an entire closet at school, most of a closet at dad’s house, and most of a closet at mom’s house.  YIKES!  Who even needs that much stuff?  Most of it sits in drawers, anyway, collecting dust and getting so wrinkled that Goodwill or SalVal would be the only places that would even think about taking them.

I decided in August of last year that I was going to start getting rid of things to try and live minimally.  I thought that if I only spend on things I need or things that can be worn year-round, my disposable income would grow – meaning that Dan and I have more money to do exciting things in Detroit or pay off student loans.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe struck me as really efficient and stylish.  The whole concept is that you reduce your closet down to a certain number – say, 50 items TOTAL for the year – and you make sure that those items can be worn together.  It’s a great way to 1) live more minimally, 2) spend less time in the morning getting dressed, and 3) earn some extra cash from selling old stuff.

I’ve decided to start a blog series of “My Capsule Closet Journey” to share with you all how I’m doing it and what things I would recommend for someone else starting the process.

Here’s an outline of topics I’ll be sharing with all of you:

  • Making the decision to go minimal
  • Deciding on a color scheme
  • Setting a capsule wardrobe item number
  • Basics for your capsule that you shouldn’t leave out
  • Getting rid of old stuff
  • Shopping with a new mindset
  • Seasonal capsule wardrobe ideas

I can’t wait to document my journey with y’all.  Let me know in the comments if you’re going minimal, as well, or if you’ve already got a strong capsule wardrobe started!

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