How I Kicked a Sinus Infection with Essential Oils

‘Tis the season for sinus buildup, hacking coughs, and irritable throats.  All of those things make me cringe… I hate getting sick.  I keep myself pretty busy, so when I come down with something, it really takes a toll on my productivity.

Usually when I come down with a sinus infection or a cold, it takes WEEKS for me to kick the cough that comes with it.  Having asthma must bear some of the blame for that, but I am serious, guys and gals, when I get an illness that has a cough, even with antibiotics or other prescribed medications it takes forever to get rid of.

Soooo… Long story short, I got a flu shot for my internship in November (darn kiddos and my weak immune system).  A few days later, I felt feverish and really fatigued.  I read up on how the flu shot can weaken your immune system when you get it, so I knew that I must be coming down with something.  Instead of taking a trip to the local after hours clinic, I decided to try something new…

A Natural Remedy for a Cold or Sinus Infection!!!

Neti Pot Nasal Cleansing Pot for Cold and Allergy Relief  | $5.70

Mini USB Essential Oil Diffuser  |  $22.99

**Sovereign Silver Immune Support  |  $19.19

Tea Tree Essential Oil  |  $6.99

Lavender Essential Oil  |  $13.95

**I have to include that when I bought the Sovereign Silver at Whole Foods, there was a disclaimer on the shelves about the side effects of using this product long-term. I won’t include the possible negative side effects, but please look them up if you are concerned.

How I Did It…

I bought the Neti Pot because I’ve been hearing for years the benefits of using something like it for sinus drainage.  I do have to say that I am glad that I bought one.  I used the one I bought between 2 and 4 times a day while my body worked to fight off my illness.  It didn’t always completely clear my sinuses, but it helped to relieve some of the pressure.

I got the USB diffuser so I could use it at my desk during the day.  Using both the tea tree oil and the lavender oil, I had this running almost non-stop while I was working on my laptop at work and at home.  It even plugs into the box I normally plug my phone into so I could put it next to my bed and have it running overnight.  As for the oils… Tea Tree Oil ended up being a literal LIFESAVER in relieving sinus tension and helping to clear my airways.  Lavender Oil has many benefits, one of which is sleep.  I ran the lavender oil mainly at night to help me sleep when my airways were completely blocked and my cough tried to keep me up at night.  These were not perfect fixes, by any means.  If you are looking for something that is going to clear up your sinuses instantly and make sleeping a breeze, this is probably not a great option for you, but I’m not sure an option like that exists…

Lastly, and most importantly, I invested in a small bottle of Sovereign Silver Immune Support.  I heard lots of other bloggers rave about the benefits of using this when you are sick, and from my experience using it, they are completely correct.  I got a spray version of the stuff at Whole Foods (which I think ended up being a little cheaper than the Amazon version, and the spray would make it really easy to use on cuts and scrapes or with children). I sprayed 30 squirts under my tongue a few times per day, and I KID YOU NOT – my sinus infection was gone in 5 days.  That’s it!  5 days!  And, I didn’t have that pesky cough after the infection was gone.

I will never try and get rid of a cold or sinus infection any other way.  I now swear by this method, because usually, even with antibiotics, I still have a cough or runny nose a week or two later.  This method WORKS.  Has anyone else tried something similar and gotten the results they wanted?  Leave your feedback in the comments!

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