Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes

Friday the 13th had me inspired to find some last-minute costume ideas for the friendly procrastinator.  If you’re anything like me – you leave EVERYTHING until the last minute – you know what it’s like to leave your Halloween costume choice up in the air until the end of October.  So, read on if you’re in the market for a great costume idea that you can make for pretty cheap (or with items you have laying around already).  Heck, read on even if you already love your costume you have chosen… you may find something worth trying.



A pair of plain blue jeans, a yellow sweater with a white collar popping out the top, red high top sneakers, round glasses, and small ears on a headband.


A pair of plain jeans, a red and white striped shirt, a red and white hat, white tennis shoes, and round glasses.

Pro Boxer

A black sports bra, a pair of black spandex shorts, black fingerless gloves, sneakers, a black robe (possibly with a hint of color), and hair in a pony tail or braids.


A green shirt or sweater with pipe cleaners cut and bent into small ‘V’s, a pair of plain pants, and a green hat.

Gumball Machine

Either a red tutu or red skinny jeans, a white shirt with multi-colored pom poms glued to it, a sign that says “25 cents,” white shoes, and a red headband or small hat.

Tooth Fairy

A white dress with white or clear fairy wings, a white headband or halo, white heels, and a wand.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

A modest black slim dress, white pearl necklace, a tiara, black gloves that go to the elbow, and black heels.

Kim Possible

A pair of black sneakers, green cargo pants, a black crop top, and black gloves.

Dora the Explorer

Orange shorts, a pink shirt, a purple backpack, yellow crew socks, and white sneakers.


An orange-ish/red crop top with thin straps (drawn on with sharpie markers in a tribal pattern), a beige mid-length flowy skirt, brown strappy sandals, a flower crown with lots of green and pink/orange, and a necklace with a large blue pendant.

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