85 Things You Should Do This October

Whether you’re looking for something to do on a weekend while the weather is still decent, or you’re looking for a new Halloween tradition to start with your friends or family, this list is for you.  October is such a great month, because you can start decorating your home in Thanksgiving decor, listening to Christmas music (if you’re anything like my family), or visit a cider mill.  It’s hard to even keep track of the things you can do this month!  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 85 (yes, THAT many) things you can and should take advantage of this month.

1. Visit a cider mill.

2. Carve a pumpkin.

3. Throw a Halloween party.

4. Donate to a cause for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

5. Go to a haunted house.

6. Have a Halloween movie marathon!

7. Tailgate at a college football game.

8. Dip apples in caramel.

9. Visit a farmer’s market before the weather gets too cold.

10. Download the Geocaching app and try it out!

11. Play in the leaves/take photos in the leaves.

12. Have one last bonfire of the season.

13. Drink as many pumpkin spiced lattes as your heart desires.

14. Learn how to make a pumpkin pie.

15. Run a 5k.

16. Visit a new town for Oktoberfest!

17. Invest in some soft wool socks.

18. Travel for a romantic weekend while the leaves are changing.

19. Visit an apple orchard and pick apples.

20. Enjoy a night in with a board game party.

21. Escape the room with friends – the board game or the real deal.

22. Wear dark lipstick and lots of it.

23. Walk in a Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

24. Go on a bike ride before you put the bikes away.

25. Read a romantic book.

26. Check your city’s list of free fall activities.

27. Drink hot chocolate and watch the sunrise.

28. Bust out the tent before you put it away for the winter.

29. Decorate your home with mums.

30. Begin shopping for Christmas gifts.

31. Knit a blanket and snuggle in it.

32. Bake pumpkin seeds and eat them with loved ones.

33. Do yoga outdoors.

34. Decorate a pumpkin instead of carving it!

35. Buy a candle with a fall scent.

36. Wear a new shade of nail polish.

37. Curl your hair and wear a scarf.

38. Experiment with new chili recipes.

39. Start no shave November early.

40. Visit a brewery and try their fall flavors.

41. Go on a hayride – no matter how old you are!

42. Make a list of things you’re thankful for to prepare for November.

43. Make a DIY wreath for your door.

44. Take a photo a day for the entire month.

45. Go thrift shopping.

46. Google some scholarships to apply to this month.

47. Spend a day at the library.

48. Enjoy an antique show or garage sale.

49. Find a fall music festival and attend it!

50. Spend an evening stargazing.

51. Meal prep with new crock pot meals.

52. Find a friend with a hot tub and suit up!

53. Turn the clock back for Daylight Saving Time.

54. Choose a windy day to fly a kite.

55. Do something for Bullying Prevention Awareness Month.

56. Donate food or clothing or time to a good cause.

57. Buy a new sweater and wear it in.

58. Send snail mail to a friend or relative.

59. Enjoy a wine tasting tour.

60. Go bobbing for apples.

61. Make homemade chex mix.

62. Volunteer to rake leaves for someone you know is physically unable to.

63. Start your Christmas lists.

64. Decide on a Halloween costume.

65. Bake a treat for a neighbor you don’t know well.

66. Go on a shopping trip to get a versatile pair of boots.

67. Volunteer at a food pantry.

68. Check your fire alarms and put new batteries in them, if needed.

69. Binge a new show on Netflix.

70. Make a fort and spend the evening in it.

71. Spend an afternoon at the puppy store petting the dogs.

72. Cook dinner in and go out for dessert.

73. Cook out on the grill.

74. Create a playlist for studying.

75. Break out the holiday music.

76. Spend an entire day in your pajamas.

77. Split a milkshake with a friend.

78. Take one last trip to the zoo for the season.

79. Be a kid again and go to an arcade.

80. Dip apples in warm caramel.

81. Bake a pie, from scratch.

82. Jump in the car and just drive with no real destination.

83. See a live concert. 

84. Visit a museum.

85. Participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month in some way.


There are more things to do than just what is outlines in this list.  Make the most of your October.  Comment on traditions you hold for fall!  And be sure to check the comments to see ways to celebrate October that aren’t any of these 85!

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